Thursday, February 9, 2012

அத்திரி மகரிஷி மலை


Athiri Maharishi Malai

Athiri maharishi malai is situated at Tirunelveli district of Tamil Nadu

Shri Athiri maharishi & Anushya Devi Ashramam. Here Athiri found “Ganga River” for his student Shri Korakkanathar in the form of a spring. Still on that spring water is flowing throughout the year continiuosly. At the center of the spring “Ganga Devi” idol was installed by the Athiri followers. “Thai Amavasai” day is the best day to worship Shri Gangaiamman, Shri Athiri, Shri Anushyadevi, Shri Korakkanathar & Shri Vanadurga.

There is a Spring Water which never drains through out the year, and scientist confirm that this water has the same characteristics of Ganges river.

It is a divine places which should not be missed.

அத்திரி மகரிஷி மலை

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