Thursday, February 9, 2012

தவம் பெற்ற நாயகி திருக்கோவில் (திருவோலக்கம் பாறை)

Thavam Petra Nayagi – Unexplored Track
It is a divine mountain which has almost the same distance as that of sathuragiri to reach the Temple of Thavam Petra Nayagi.

This is really an unexplored place and you will really feel that you are a part of the nature while there. the special over here is Ulakkai Falls, Thiruolakkam Paarai, Thavam Petra Nayagi Temple. The speciality of this temple is the main statue will be in a position of meditation wioth one leg standing on top of a needle where the nedle is placed on top of a Kumbam. (never seen like this anywhere)

we couldn’t take photos here when we were there at last time – will definitely post you soon.

but for your knid information. please read this blog by prabakar to
feel the experience of that trip.

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